Commercial Water Damage Services

Emergency Plumber Toronto & Water Damage

If you live in a city that is prone to flooding or you have battled with faulty plumbing in the past, then you understand just how frustrating and devastating water damage can be. When not addressed in time, it can lead to loss of property and can cost you thousands in damages.

Setting aside the obvious implications of suffering from water damage, the overall reduction in productivity and loss of a comfortable place to work (If you are running a business) is the most devastating side effect of suffering from extensive water damages. We at Emergency Plumbers offer property owners a speedy and reliable way to deal with water damage. So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple household flood or an accident that covers most of the office in water; you call us, and we will help you get your office, restaurant, hotel, or home dry and habitable in no time.

Our water damage control team

The Emergency Plumber water damage control and restoration team consist of professionally-trained personnel with more than a decade of experience practice under their belt. They can access the damage, recommend damage control protocols, and give you a fair quote on the cost of repair.

What kind of buildings don’t we handle?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s residential, business, office or restaurant, as long as it’s water damage, you can call us. We will have your home, business, or building up and running again in record time.

What about insurance claims

If you insured your building, apartment, home, or place of business and you are worried about the insurance claim going through, don’t be. We have worked with hundreds of clients, and we can confidently tell you that your case is not as unique as you think. If you would like, we can function as a sort of guide and help you deal with the insurance company. We have tips, tricks, and guidelines we have developed over the years, and with your permission, of course, we can guide you through them step by step.

What times are we available?

Floods and natural disasters don’t take days off, so neither do we! The Emergency Plumber team is always on standby whenever you need us. We are available 24/7. As service providers, you, the customers, are our number one priority.


Damage assessment and cost evaluation is one of the routine procedures that insurance companies require when issuing claims. This means you will typically invite a notable team just like ours to give you a realistic assessment of the level of damage. Our doors are always open to you, whether you would love to hire us for a full restoration or not. We take consultation calls both physically and over the phone.

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